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HealthCare Software Development Services

The US Healthcare industry is changing more frequently than ever before from a technology and regulatory change perspective. Meaningful Use, HIPAA, ICD-10 are some of the examples. These demand high-end and flexible technology solutions to cope with changes.

Aviox Healthcare Inc has over 10 years of experience in Healthcare Software Development Services and creating long-term software engineering partnerships with clients to develop and support application across Java/J2EE, Microsoft .NET,.NET 4.5, MVC 4.0, WPF, HTML5, Web API and healthcare mobile app development platforms. With a combination of onsite, on-shore and off-shore team, Aviox Healthcare complements the client’s unique requirements and demonstrates world class software architectures & methodologies and delivers cost effective solutions.

Aviox Healthcare software development team has over a period gained strong healthcare domain knowledge, knowledge of healthcare workflows and associated technologies and requirements.

HealthCare Mobile Apps

Aviox Healthcare leverages the knowledge gained in the healthcare domain over the past 10 years coupled with extensive experience in building technologies to create modern and high quality Healthcare mobile apps for providers and patients. This as a result enables effectiveness and better accessibility for both providers and patients.

  • The widespread use of tablets, smart phones, handheld devices etc. by physicians and patients has resulted in mHealth solutions being actively used in diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and education.
  • Aviox Healthcare can integrate the mobile apps with existing systems so that the systems are working on a uniform platform.
  • We have developed mobile apps for various healthcare providers over the years drawing expertise in healthcare.

We can create easy to use and elegant Healthcare Mobile apps using various technologies compatible for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phones and other cross platform devices. We have created commercial-grade apps for hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, patients, and manufacturers.

Healthcare Software Integration for Clinical and Labs

Aviox Healthcare’s Healthcare Professional Services team establishes long-term partnerships with leading healthcare IT vendors, provider organizations, HIEs and NHINs, to offer product implementation, upgrades, system integration, maintenance and 24x7 support services with global coverage. The Professional Services team provides deep expertise in healthcare interoperability, clinical data management, and experience with best-of-breed healthcare applications and EAI tools.

Aviox Healthcare has developed a highly scalable model for professional services which is leveraged by some of the world’s leading healthcare technology organizations. In addition, our ability to deploy a global network of healthcare IT professionals enables us to dramatically reduce implementation timelines and costs for our clients, meet complex Healthcare Software Integration requirements and also provide 24x7 coverage.

Aviox Healthcare has mastered developing following type of software by leveraging diverse software technologies, strong knowledge in healthcare domain, and ability to understand complex workflows.

  • Patient Portals
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Software
  • HealthCare Patient Relationship Management
  • Health Information Management System
  • Ambulatory Care Management
  • Physician Order Entry
  • Lab Information Management
  • Payroll Processing Platform
  • Long Term Care Platform
  • Human Resource Platform
  • Time and Attendance Platform

Application Development, Management, And IT Infrastructure Services

Extend the excellence you've come to expect from your revenue cycle to your IT department. From development to management to monitoring, find a solution that works for your organization and enjoy the same best practices and dedication to a process that is the backbone of Access Healthcare's revenue cycle management services.

Application Development

Leverage completely custom development services from a team who understands the complexity of the healthcare application space.

Application Management

Partner with a motivated team well versed in industry standard best practices for 24/7/365 application support and management.

Infrastructure Monitoring

From servers to bandwidth, discover peace of mind knowing your complete IT infrastructure is being closely monitored 24/7/365.

Software Application Development Services

Our Software development services deliver end-to-end software products and solutions from concept to programming and implementation to deployment. Our development services include custom software & application development, cloud-based enterprise & web application development.

Our Software Development Services team uses the traditional waterfall model as well as more contemporary agile development methodology to build and deploy the solutions while adhering to the best industry standards and practices aiming to streamline business processes and expedite revenue growth.

Our experience and expertise in development and implementations of software solutions includes conceptualization, requirement gathering & analysis, designing, planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We follow 3- tier MVC (Model-View-Controller) Enterprise Web Application architecture implementation frameworks.

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Database Programming And ETL Services

Our expertise in Database Programming and ETL services are primarily in Health Care Facilities and Services domain works on various kinds of data various Rx Data, Lab Data, Pharmacy Data, Eligibility Data, Capitation Data, Adjustment Data, MMR & MOR Data, MAO Data, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Data etc.

The Database Programming and ETL services contributes to development of new concepts and designs in collaboration with business users, other IT service delivery teams to implement new services, or resolve the most complex issues/changes to existing services by maintaining strict compliance of client and regulatory standards and practices.

The Database Programming and ETL services contributes to development of new concepts and designs in collaboration with business users, other IT service delivery teams to implement new services, or resolve the most complex issues/changes to existing services by maintaining strict compliance of client and regulatory standards and practices.

Software Testing Services

Our software testing services offers complete software testing and quality assurance service for web-based, cloud-based, mobile and desktop applications to ensure stability, accuracy and reliability of software. Our team adopts to the best practices in the industry which has enabled us to meet the diverse challenges. Our software testing services practice risk-based testing methodologies for correctly addressing Business, Project, and Technology risks. By adopting the right combination of testing processes, software tools & methodologies , technology expertise and domain knowledge we ensure that the software deliveries are defect free.

Our testing services team helps our clients to achieve their quality goals by thoroughly examining each one of them and define a set of steps supported by plans, strategies and methodologies in order to increase the quality of the delivered software, so that it meets its performance and reliability requirements.

We offer valuable guidance to our service-users on how to systematize, maintain and manage their software assets, consistently and faultlessly, throughout their life-cycle. Our competent IT professionals provide clients with an exhaustive range of solutions, allowing maximum cost-containment and addressing their business challenges effectively.

Our Broad Spectrum of Software Services Includes:

  1. Business Analysis and System Design
  2. Technology Architecture Consulting
  3. Application Software Development
  4. Maintenance and Technical Support
  5. roduction Support
  6. Troubleshooting and Issue Resolving
  7. Managing Updates and Patches, and more!

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