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Many, if not most providers are reluctant to let a third party assume responsibility for their billing and their practice revenue. Most feel that they might lose too much control over their account receivables. This is not always the case, and with Aviox Healthcare, it’s quite the opposite.

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We Cover A Big Variety Of Health Services

Your business is unique and we partner with you and tailor our services to enable the best outcome. As we work together, you will benefit from the expertise of our firm’s top professionals and our total dedication to quality and service.

Credentialing & Contracting

Coding & Chart Audits

Eligibility Verification

Charge Entry

Payment Posting

Denial Management

Prior Authorization


Our Key Focus

As a firm, we are committed to helping our clients, our people, and the firm be more successful. The following Key Focus points form the guiding principles through which we work to fulfill this mission.


Transition Management

Transition care management (TCM) definition: In it’s basic form, TCM involves addressing the hand-off time between the patient’s stay in the hospital or other inpatient facility and community setting. After the patient’s stay, they might be dealing with a new diagnosis, a medical crisis or a change in medicine therapy.


Managed Care Contracting

Patients have different insurance policies and to tend to them, Providers and healthcare facilities tie-up with many insurance companies. They sign healthcare contracts that are legal documents containing medical service repayment details.


Revenue Cycle Optimization

Healthcare Revenue Cycle is a set of all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue. This dynamic process essentially encompasses the entire life of a patient account.


Department/Practice Scorecards

Having accurate data is essential for the Healthcare director to manage the department and develop patient-centered Healthcare services.Effective measurement, however, must be an integral part of the management process.


RFP Process Management and Implementation

In project management, RFP stands for request for proposal. An RFP is a formal request sent from a buyer to potential vendors seeking a product, service or solution. The RFP document asks all vendors the same questions.


Performance Metrics / Incentives

A healthcare Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or metric is a well-defined performance measure that is used to observe, analyze, optimize, and transform a healthcare process to increase satisfaction for both patients and healthcare providers alike.

Increase Your Maximum Profitability

We tailor complete revenue cycle management requirements, whether you are a solo or group practice, home healthcare, hospital, medical billing or transcription company seeking help to reduce your operational cost increase your revenue.

IT Healthcare Services

You can rely on the proven combination of our Billing Footsteps Check and expert staff to get 99% of your claims paid

Help Increase Walk-in's

Aviox Healthcare offers cost effective & dependable accounting and payroll services to suit diverse customer needs.

Reporting & Auditing

Accurate medical transcription with EHR integration is very important for the quality as well as reimbursement.

Why Choose Us

Our priority is to support you and here are some of the reasons for choosing us:

Quick Reinbursements

  • Claims processed within one business day of receipt.
  • Claim status checks and follow-ups are performed daily to ensure your claims are properly addressed in a timely manner by insurance providers.

Reduced Denials

  • Claims are checked for errors and insurance compatibility prior to submission by experienced insurance auditing staff.
  • Denied claims are immediately addressed and appealed on your behalf.

Reduced AR Receivables

  • We focus completely on getting your practice’s claims paid.
  • This allows for rapid submission, posting, and reversing of erroneous denials/ underpayments.

Increased Profits

  • You and your office staff are able to focus on your practice,allowing for more patient care.
  • More patient care, less claim denials, and less staff expenses including overtime, lost business opportunity, software, and continuing education.

Our Process

Outsourcing our services will not only improve your overall productivity, but also help gain substantial growth in the healthcare industry. Below is the process that we follow.

Step 01

Patient Scheduling

Step 02

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Step 03

Patient Documentation

Step 04

Medical Coding

Step 05

Charge Entry

Step 06

Claim Submission Billing

Step 07

Payment Processing & Posting

Step 08

A/R Follow Up

Step 09

Patient Statemtents

Revenue Cycle Management

Our team can help you with specific revenue cycle challenges or conduct a complete revenue cycle audit to identify inefficiencies in your current systems. Plug into our intelligent automation and expert services capabilities to reduce denials, improve revenue capture, boost staff productivity, eliminate outdated processes, and put an end to revenue leakage.

Patient Access

Blend scheduling, registration, clearance, intake and payment functionality into one welcoming, self-service experience for patients.

Denial Management and Prevention

Ensure full reimbursement and proactively address chronic errors to stop denials ahead of time.

Coding Management and Education

Facilitate speed, accuracy and appropriate payment while supporting increased coding compliance and reimbursement.

Payment Variance Analysis

Identify incorrectly reimbursed or denied accounts and manage the appeal process to receive correct payment.

Strategic Pricing

Analyze chargemaster, payer contracts and competitiveness to find areas of pricing opportunity and create pricing scenarios aligned with strategic goals.

Patient-Friendly Billing

Provide consumer-preferred options such as online bill pay, automated payment plans and omni-channel customer service.

RCM Software's we have expertise on

Our team is expert at handling several specialties and we have an immense team of medical billing specialists who have the required skill set and expertise in delivering the best quality services

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